One Family
One Family 


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Church Center’s Mission

Our assignments as a ministry, is
to provide the total individual. We endeavor to provide a
balanced ministry, with emphasis on praise and worship,
healing and deliverance. This is our mandate to bring hope
to hopeless situations, and be a beacon of light in the
community and to be the catalyst to launch you into your


EXALTING THE SAVIOR making sure that Jesus is the head of everything we do and that God is reverenced, worshipped, praised and consulted.

EVANGELIZING THE SINNER making sure that every facet of this church, and its ministries, has a thrust built within it that says: Souls are the most important things to our heart." There is never an hour too long, or an amount too large when it comes to soul winning.


Christ Center's Vision is to have a powerful, positive impact on every human soul worldwide.


Christ Center‘s Purpose is to expose and promote the life changing Word of God throughout the United States and the world.

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